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Requirements for layouts

Offset Printing

Offset printing in color model CMYK (except printing pontoons).

Accepted publications produced by the programs:

InDesign, CorelDraw (not advisable to do it in the mock-up, as there are enough nuances), Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop; Files PDF (desired flow in this format).

File formats: pdf, eps, ai, tif.

If the layout used Illustrator effects such as transparency, shadow, and other similar effects, they must necessarilyrasterising.

If the layout is made in QuarkXPress, you may only use the PS - fonts. True Type fonts can not be used;

In preparing the files need to be considered on the cutting of departures: for leaf publications - 3 mm on the perimeter;

The publications created in a layout must be attached files of all used images and fonts that are to be written in the same folder.

Do not use in a single publication graphics files with the same name.

File names must consist only of the Latin letters.

Check overprint! Do not use in documents (layout) forced overprint, if the situation does not provide the designer.

All responsibility for the installation and overprints trepings falls on the customer.

The format of the document in the program must exactly match the trim size of the finished product (for PDF files this size can be larger than the value of departures).

Highly undesirable are the effects with the use of transparency in Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

In layouts, laid out in the programs Corel, Illustrator all fonts should be in curves in Photoshop all layers should be merged into one.

Do not mix in the same work TrueType and PostScript fonts.

If the program Adobe Indesign use raster effects, fonts converted to curves necessarily

          for publications that are sewn - at least 5 mm;

for publications that are glued departures 5 mm (indoor unit), on the cover of 7 mm;

if the layout is prepared by die-cutting, the flight around the perimeter should be 5 mm; moreover, the region in which there are significant elements (text, figures, tables, and so on. d.) should be spaced from the cutting line at least 5 mm.

Note also the method of assembling a multi-page document. If this bonding, it is necessary to consider that the reversal will take a certain size (about 5-7 mm inside of each page) and if you leave the layout elements too close to a turn, it will be difficult to read or do will not be seen. Desired minimum offset from the edge of the page (from the root) to the important elements of 15 mm. Cover under termobinder typeset in a separate file with the spine under termobinder. If fixation "on the bracket," then the turns will look better than 5.7 mm and these need not be considered.

Should be important elements of the indentation from the edge of the sheet (cut line), for not complex products at least 2-3 mm, for complex negotiated separately.

The colors of all objects publications must meet the requirements of CMYK.

The files must not contain embedded color profile display;

In TIFF files should not contain any additional alpha channels, except for those cases where the information from the alpha channel should be printed as an additional paint;

Do not use a color palette Pantone, unless you plan to order prints complementary color;

All black and white raster images should be saved as grayscale;

When printing in four colors (CMYK) document should not contain any additional spot colors;

Use of ICC based colors, Lab color, calibrated RGB.

Small black objects (text to a size of 20 nm, a line, etc.) should have a color C 0, M 0, Y: 0, K: 100 (in bitmap form must be with overprint, as fever then it is no longer possible to place);

Large black objects (texts large pins, large dice) must paint so-called "composite black" (From: 50-M: 40-Y: 40 K: 100). Otherwise we get a plate gray or transparent, ie from under it will look through the background;

The maximum total content of colors (total ink) should not exceed 280%. Exceeding the parameter "Maximum total color content" above the specified value leads to fighting off and vice image on the reverse side of the sheet.

Number of colors in the file must match the number of colors when printing.

Files should not contain hidden or non-printable elements and layers.

All raster images should be 300 dpi.

When creating an image with a lot of difficult located illustrations expedient (if possible) use the same background illustration of a large format, the funds collected Adobe Photoshop, instead of one or more illustrations with the contour superimposed on the background. This greatly speeds up the processing of your file on RIPe, and leads to a decrease in the source file, and the end result looks more attractive.

Minimum thickness of lines 0.25 pt.

  If the booklets have transitions backgrounds in places fold the size of the sides should advance thought through (for example, a standard two-fold booklet length of 297 mm should not be divided 99 * 99 * 99mm and 98 * 99 * 100mm, large side (100 mm) - front the booklet must cover all the others).

If the publication is used selective varnishing, embossing, this element must be made in vector graphics as an additional Spot Color (only Fill, no Stroke) and have an attribute Overprint.

If the publication is supposed to use curly cutting, then together with the publication must be submitted contour nibbling stamp made in vector graphics thickness of 2 pt (no Fill, only Stroke) and label it with the attribute Spot Color Overprint.

  Facilities under stamping and nail set in one size, with a triad analyzing processes that will be under them. These objects also poznachayutsya as Spot Color attribute Overprint.

  Hybrid polish - the requirements are the same as the files with the usual selective varnish. Only requires a clear idea of where you want to be a hybrid lacquer. It is these places and "filled" with varnish.

  Postprinted elements have never scaled layout programs.

  In the works for spring important elements of information shall not be located closer than 10 mm from the edge of the passage of spring.


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