Full color offset printing large format A0 and A1 in Kiev



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The size matters!

In the polygraphy size (format) print is very important. Especially if the size is called - A0 format (1189 x 841 mm).

For billboards, posters, banners, large format value is obvious - a large and seen from a distance, and more attention is attracted. Less obvious advantages of large format printing in creating POS-materials.

And the advantages are. And a lot:

Larger items can be printed "in one piece", without additional assembly;

POS-materials of complex design can be collected from a smaller number of parts;

more fine details can be printed in a single pass.

All this makes it possible to simplify the design of POS-materials, to reduce the cost of printing and further processing to increase the service life.

In offset printing, large format has advantages and in book printing:

books large and super large format, you can print full-fledged notebooks with 8, 16 pages, avoiding subsequent operations "cloak" or "insert";

book medium, small and micro formats can be printed notebooks with 16, 32 pages, giving a prize at the folding and assembly of the lower block.

The main advantage is offset printing large format - it often allows you to print that impossimble print on printing machines smaller format.

Or maybe, but very expensive!

la 2 l la 3   
  Pallet winding. The name itself speaks about the size of the product  
la 7 POS 2 
Growth figures. Names also speak eloquently about the size.


la 5 la 6 la 8
Advertising stands.   
gl 9 gl 10
Wall kaendar (A0 format)  Poster of an art exhibition

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