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Embossing and hot stamping

 Among the many types of finishing the printing house produced by "Tehnika" the important role of major different kinds of stamping. There are three main types of embossing - congreve, Blind  and foil stamping.  Printing house "Tehnika" produce all three.

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Stamping helps to get relief image without using foil or paint. Relief comes from the local compression of the material special presses - matrix and its mirror image - countermatrix (cold punch). This action leads to deformation of the material and the rise of the image on the main surface of the printed product. Stamping printing products gives individuality and originality, so basically this kind of embossing used for finishing business cards, invitations, greeting cards, letterhead, etc.

tis 3Blind embossing is often called blind it as congreve method does not require the application of paint or foil. Impaction blind embossing is performed in a special pad surface of the article, whereupon a recessed elements. Embossment can be performed with heating, and without it. The first option is often used for embossing leather.

Blind embossing is used as a post-processing of soft materials - leather or imitation leather, cardboard, paper (design types).

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Foil stamping is performed on materials such as paper, leather, wood, plastic and other materials that can withstand the required temperature. For other materials that do not withstand high temperatures, use cold foil stamping method.

Foil stamping process is quite simple - to impose a foil material and compressed product cliché, heated to a certain temperature. Foil embossing usually in rolls. The color scheme of the foil is quite varied, but most prefer to use silver and gold colors. Foil Stamping often used as a finishing business and promotional printing products, souvenirs and packaging.


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