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Printing of books


 The book - a type of printed materials: non-periodical publication, consisting of  brochureor not, the separate paper sheets (pages) or notebooks, which applied by printing or handwriting way text and graphics (illustrations) information that is more than the amount of forty-eight pages and, as a rule, hardcover.

Typography "Tehnika" prints all the books and all kinds of books.

What means all kinds? Firstly - all formats. From the smallest to the largest. More details about the book format can be found in the article "The format of the books."

Secondly – printing house "Tehnika" to print the book as in hard and in paperback. They can be sealed or white bookend. Typography "Tehnika" uses different processing printed sheets in the production of brochures, magazines, and books-bound units.

Books printed in our printing can be both full-color and black-and-white. They can be black and white, but contain colored tabs.

Books can have a book  jacket.

book 1 book 2  
  book 3book 4  

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