Full color offset printing large format A0 and A1 in Kiev



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Printing of booklets


Booklet - kind of printed materials, characteristic of advertising printing, having an outer similarity to the brochure, but usually more complex designs and elaborate design. Is a sheet bonded to the spine, or folded in two or more fold a piece of paper, on both sides of which is placed text and / or graphic information. Traditionally booklets produced on paper from a sheet of A4 or smaller (advertising publications, oven and more avenues are called).

It should be distinguished from the booklet leaflets and brochures, because the leaflet is considered to be printed with a single fold, or at all without them. Under the brochure is meant aperiodic text book edition (for example, by the standards of the USSR larger than 4, but no more than 48 pages), consisting of two main elements: the block and paperback, and fastened together by means of stitching, clip, or thread, and so on.

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 Typical booklet folded in two folds

One of his reversals


If the booklets have transitions backgrounds in places fold the size of the sides should advance thought through (for example, a standard two-fold booklet length of 297 mm should not be divided 99 * 99 * 99mm and 98 * 99 * 100mm, large side (100 mm) - front the booklet must cover all the others).


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