Full color offset printing large format A0 and A1 in Kiev



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Cutting - a process in which a sheet of paper, cardboard (or any other material) sheet is formed with the required shape. Actually cutting transforms the image on a sheet of a particular product.

vis 1 p vis 1 s m vis 1 f
 Printable sheet box

 Stamp (shtantsform) for cutting

 Product after cutting

In enterprise "Tehnika", and indeed in the whole of modern printing, die-cutting is used extremely well - and production packaging, and in the production of POS-materials, and production paper bags, and ... impossible to list all.

Typography "Tehnika" can not only print large format (up to 900h1200 mm inclusive), and carving them.

But what to do if the product even more?

Below is an example of product sizes reversal is 1100 to 1100 mm. It is printed and carved in two blocks.

Two blocks can be printed product format 1800 x 1200 mm or 900 to 2400 mm.

ProfiTherm B 267x267x586 sbor PRINT 1Part ProfiTherm B 267x267x586 sbor PRINT 2Part
 Block 1  Block 2

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