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Application of selective varnish

Selective UV varnishing is one of the stages of preparation of post-printing products and is the process of applying UV varnish on the individual design elements of the publication with the exact preservation of contours. It is used for sharper separation of any parts of the image.

Using Spot UV varnishing not only helps to protect the elements of design of printed materials from external influences (abrasion, fading, scratches, moisture, heat, and various kinds of pollution), but also makes it possible to get a really pleasing to the eye, elegantly decorated, exclusive and unusual samples of printing excellence.

The technology is almost similar to the technology of continuous UV varnishing. Their main and perhaps the only difference is whether the printing stencil a pattern or a solid.

Custom painting can be done using a glossy, matt varnish, lacquer Glitter, textural composition and so on. With selective varnishing can provide a good product protection against abrasion and getting wet (of course, the best protection is provided by a continuous varnishing). In addition, products are becoming visually appealing and pleasant to the touch, because with the help of varnish can create an original relief, touching which will be pleasant.

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Using selective varnish

as independent graphic tool.


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